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Artificial Hydroponic Lighting System

Hydroponic farming is an effective technique by which we can grow plants without soil and sunlight and that too in very little space. Hydroponics is very much useful for people living in urban cities and towns. Plants require sunlight to grow anywhere but sunlight is really not necessary in hydroponics. Why is that so? Because in Hydroponics you can supplement plants with artificial lighting. As hydroponic is indoor farming so it is not possible to provide proper sunlight to every plant. So, to solve this problem, an artificial hydroponic lighting system can provide supplements to the plants that will help them grow. Plants that grow outdoors need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Plants also need 10 hours of indirect sunlight. The rest of the time in the darkness is used rest and digestion just like humans and animals.


We at Himalayan Greens are going to tell you about an Artificial Hydroponic Lighting System that can be used by you in your hydroponic garden. We are an established hydroponic farm in Haldwani, Uttarakhand that sells and deliver hydroponic farm vegetables to your home. We might know some things that might help you out when you design your own indoor hydroponic garden.


How to start?

If you are new to this farming style then it can be a little bit difficult for you to understand the exact amount of lighting needed for your plants. What you need to understand is, you need to provide the exact amount of artificial lighting to plants that they get outdoors. You also need to know the exact time the plants need darkness. If you have an indoor hydroponic system in your home select a grow light system according to the size of your system. If there are many perennial plants then you need to be strict about the light and darkness ratio. You can connect an electronic timer to your system which will help you know the duration of lights. You need to be very careful with the lights. Never forget about switching on or off the lights as it might affect the growth of the plant.

Different types of plants

So now we will talk about the different types of plants that you can grow in a hydroponic system. You can grow almost any type of plant in a hydroponic system. But every plant has different lighting requirements. Some plants thrive in less light and some need longer periods of light. When growing indoors generally people grow different plants together so a presence of an electronic timer is a must. It will help you maintain the garden properly in a hassle-free manner. It is best to grow plants together that have similar requirements if you are a beginner. The timer will help you monitor the lighting conditions necessary by the plants without hampering them in any way.

Plants requiring more sunlight

Some plants that require more sunlight are spinach, lettuce, wheat, potatoes, and turnips. They require at least 18 hours of sunlight. These plants are usually bear flowers in summer so it is important for them to provide a huge amount of light.

Plants requiring less sunlight

Those plants that flower in the winter needs less amount light. They usually bloom flowers in the springtime. These plants should not be provided with more than 12 hours of light else they will not bear flowers. The plants that require less light are strawberries, poinsettias, cauliflower, and chrysanthemums.

Neutral day plants

Then there are types of plants that are neutral and will grow flowers irrespective of the lighting conditions. You should provide these plants with a maximum of 14 hours of daylight so that they fulfill all their requirements. Roses, rice, eggplants, and corn are some of the neutral day plants.

Parts of an Artificial hydroponic Light System

Now let us come to the main part. Before you install the Hydroponic Lighting System you should know about different parts of the lighting system. The Artificial hydroponic lighting system consists of four parts - the bulb, remote ballast, reflector hood, and timer.

The bulb

The bulb is the main part of the lighting system and the most common ones the people use are 400-600 wattage bulbs. Most people use high-intensity discharge lights which are best for hydroponics systems. These bulbs have electrodes that create an electric arc inside the case thus producing light. There are two types of bulbs available - metal halide and high-pressure sodium. You can choose any one of the above. But, If you are using a conversion lamp then both kinds of bulb can fit in.

If we talk about efficiency metal halide bulbs are very effective for every vegetable. They last long for about 2 years but they are not very efficient after 15 months. So, you will have to replace them.

If you are growing plants that bear fruits then you should use high-pressure sodium bulbs. They are a little expensive and you can use a combination of metal halide and sodium bulbs.  They last really long for almost five years.

Reflector hood

A reflector hood is basically a shiny casing that surrounds a bulb. Its main work is to make the bulb more efficient by reflecting lights in the direction of plants. As the rays will fall directly on the plants, you need to make sure that it does not increase the heat temperature. Therefore, you can use lights that save electricity and cooling costs.

Remote Ballast

A power box provides the lamp with the power it needs to burn. The phonograph is sold as part of a lighting system. But since these are expensive, they need to be looked after carefully. Remote ballasts must be protected from water, floods, leaks, etc because they are expensive. In hydroponic systems such as trenches and runoff, the drainage system is likely to flood if the pipes become clogged. Therefore, the system needs to be protected. Ideally, the bulb and ballast should be purchased together so that the wattage can match.

The timer

As we have already talked about it. The timer is one of the most important and least expensive parts of the hydroponic lighting system. Its work is to control the time duration of the lights. There are two types of timer - electric or manual. You can buy any but it should be heavy-duty and last long. The manual ones last longer than the electric ones.


Artificial Hydroponic Lighting System is really important in hydroponic farming. So if you are planning on your hydroponic garden you need to consider one lighting system that lasts for a long time. The growth and productivity of your plant will depend on the lighting conditions provided. So you need to be very careful and monitor every situation.

Himalayan Greens offers a variety of fresh farm products that are grown hydroponically and you can check our website and product list just by clicking here. To read more informative blogs head over to our blog section.

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