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How to Grow Hydroponic Mushrooms Without Soil

Growing mushrooms in a garden whether hydroponically or with traditional farming is not a very popular choice among gardeners. There are so many choices while choosing a plant that growing mushrooms doesn’t come to one’s mind. Mushrooms can be easily grown in a hydroponic setup despite the fact that it doesn’t have any roots. There are different varieties of mushrooms and almost all of them can be grown in a hydroponic environment. There are many benefits of growing mushrooms in a hydroponic setup. One such benefit is that it will increase your yields significantly, plus you will get tasty and healthy mushrooms.

Unlike most plants, mushrooms don’t need photosynthesis to produce sugars for food, instead, they feed on organic debris and thrive in low-light environments. So, if you are looking to find out How to Grow Hydroponic Mushrooms Without Soil then you have come to the right place. We at Himalayan Greens, Haldwani grow farm vegetables and fruits with hydroponic techniques. Today we will tell you about why you should grow hydroponic mushrooms? How to grow Hydroponic mushrooms? And What types of Hydroponic Mushrooms you can grow?

Why Should You Grow Hydroponic Mushrooms?

There are many reasons to grow hydroponic mushrooms-

  • The biggest reason and the most important one is that it does not need enough light to grow. They can even grow in any dark place as they do not need photosynthesis to grow fruits. They are fungi and they do not contain chlorophylls, so they do not need any light.
  • You can set up the hydroponic setup for mushrooms anywhere and you don’t even need expensive grow lights.
  • You will get higher yields of mushrooms in less space.
  • As they are provided with rich nutrients they grow healthy and are tastier.
  • Hydroponics is a soil-less and chemical-free technique, i.e healthier food options.

What Type Of Mushrooms Can You Grow In Hydroponics?

Once you know it is possible to grow mushrooms hydroponically, your next question likely would be what are the varieties of mushrooms you can grow? There are many varieties of mushrooms, but here are some of the most famous varieties of mushrooms that hydroponic gardeners grow - oyster, shiitake, lion’s mane, button, enokitake, maitake, nameko, and cinnamon cap.

Now let us get to the next topic on How To Grow Hydroponic Mushrooms?

How To Grow Hydroponic Mushrooms

  1. Select a Growing Media and a Perfect Nutrient Solution

Like any other hydroponic system, a system set up for growing mushrooms will require a certain type of substrate. Once the substrate or culture medium is established, the mycelium develops, fuses, and then colonizes with the substrate. Remember that mushrooms differ from plants and that they do not make their own food.

The nutrients you give to mushrooms will serve as their primary food source. There are several ways to use nutrients for growing hydroponic mushrooms. Good choices include compost or liquid nutrients. You can also consider using vermiculite.

  1. Grow Your Mycelium

There are basically two ways to grow hydroponic mushrooms - by growing your mycelium first or by using a mushroom kit. After all, these are not plants - they are a fungus. Therefore, you cannot necessarily start from seeds or clones.

The mycelium is the fungus from which the true mushroom will sprout. It is necessary that you do this process in a clean environment. After about four weeks, the mushrooms will appear. Once they grow you can transfer the mushroom to a packaged sterilized grain, such as rye, and then allow the fungi to colonize the grain.

  1. Make an Ideal Environment For Your Mushrooms

During germination, you should keep your mushrooms at 75 to 80 degrees F and the temperature should be kept at around 80 to 85 degrees F. You will also need to pay attention to humidity, making sure your tank is kept around 70% to 90% at all times. This, combined with appropriate nutrients, light, and temperatures, will encourage the mycelium to fruit and form fungi.

  1. Add Some Grow Lighting

Mushrooms don’t need light and they grow very well in darkness. There is one exception though - When the mycelium is in the development stage you need to provide it with at least 6 hours of light per day. So at this time, you will be needing some grow lights if there is not enough light in the system.

  1. Harvest Your Mushrooms


In most cases, mushrooms are ready to harvest in about four or five days. If you want to grow another crop, you can leave the block dormant for a few days to a week and then repeat the process. You can reuse the block as many times as possible until there is no more harvest. When growing mushrooms from mycelium, you will be able to harvest them as soon as they begin to grow on seeds.

You can use grains that you already have to grow cereal or you can save the seeds to use for the next batch of spores.


Growing mushroom is a little different if we compare it to other plants that grow in hydroponics. But, it does not mean that it cannot be done. It is pretty easy if we must say. You just need to give it the correct environment. Also, there is nothing wrong with trying out new things. Once you try you will definitely see the benefit later.

So, this is what we at Himalayan Greens think on How to Grow Hydroponic Mushrooms Without Soil. To read the more interesting blog you can head to our blog section. We also deliver fresh hydroponic vegetables in Haldwani. If you want to order you can check out our products on our website.

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